Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Finley's 1st Birthday Eve

It's been a while since I've been this timely on a post on our blog.  But it occurred to me that these thoughts that have been floating through my mind won't remain and I want to remember and recall them, so here I am.
Tomorrow, our last baby will turn 1.  She won't be zero any more.  It's always tickled me that Emerson and Cameron have said she is zero when talking about her age.  From day one to now she's had that classification in their eyes, yet in mine she was first just hours old, then days, then weeks and then months.  Continuing to get older and grow and grow, but still, her age has been zero.  I told myself I was not going to let myself be constantly saddened by the last this and the last that like you read about on various mom blogs.  But I've failed.  I have been sad every single time.  I read once you don't realize you did the last of something with your child until you look back and suddenly it hits you that you no longer do it.  Well, I made a point to try to remember and think if it was the last time I'd do something because I didn't want to look back and think I missed out on not knowing it was the last.  It has not helped me.  It's no less hard, but possibly the opposite.  With our sweet and precious and perfect Finley I have been acutely aware of the "lasts".  As I have seen them approach I have dug my heels in and dragged my feet, but still, time marches forward.  How I wish I could travel back in time to once again cradle her tiny newborn body on my chest as we did after she was born.  To feel that sense of peace and comfort that I felt being as close as we could be.  I close my eyes and I can see our room as it was when we returned from the hospital with the crib just feet from my beside. How precious those early days were especially.  Filled with exhaustion but so much love and happiness.  I remember breastfeeding Finley and it going well and how happy that made me.  The pump from the hospital, situated again on my nightstand as has always been the place it stood. I can't remember every moment, but I remember so many things and can't believe it was a year ago.  All these wonderful memories we have from this first year with Finley, the blessing that completed our family.  This time last year I was probably sleeping, or maybe technically I was using the restroom because I was constantly getting up to use the restroom at night.  I had been somewhat occupied with various final baby projects while trying to stay off my feet and keep my blood pressure down.  We had taken the kids to a small pumpkin patch to pick up a few for our porch.  In my mind I knew any day was a possibility and I had my appointment with the dr to check my BP the next day.  But I really thought it would be at least another week.  So it really was a surprise.  I can't help but smile as I reflect on the events of the day Finley was born and of course all these days after.  When I first heard her cry and then the first time I saw her.  The flurry of activity in the room as I lay there listening and taking it all in filled with joy.  I'm so thankful for those pictures and early videos of Finley's first moments after birth.  What a little pistol she was!  And when they put her sweet little body all wrapped up next to my face so I could kiss her and smell her and tell her for the first time that mommy loves you.  Tomorrow afternoon will be a whole year from when those magical moments took place.
My heart feels so many things... sadness and happiness and joy and who knows what else.  Gosh it's been so amazing and I'm so lucky.  God is good and while things have not always gone as I planned if they had I wouldn't have these amazing babies that I have.  It's all still overwhelming trying to sort through the emotions.
If I had coffee and I wasn't so tired I could go on rambling, but I think it's time I go to bed.  I want to be rested and celebrate our baby girl tomorrow.  We also have such an exciting birthday party this weekend and I can't wait for Finley to be surrounded with love from our family and friends.
I'll be back, of course.  Perhaps next time I can gather my thoughts a bit better, too.  My mind is all over the place right now with so many emotions.  I'm going to let myself feel all the feels and enjoy these moments because this is life.  The happy tears, the sad tears, the laughter the snuggles, the millionth picture so I can remember it all and lots more.  Happy first birthday sweet and precious Finley Irene.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Finley- Months 9-11!

I am glad I have been sharing tidbits about Finley's month as I post monthly pictures on Facebook because I surely can't remember as many specifics now.  :)  I will have to look at that info when I get around to updating her baby book.  Yes, that's right... her baby book.  Just because she is #3 doesn't mean I won't do one for her, too!  However, her book is not as thorough as the other two baby books, but it has all the highlights, and that's all anyone wants to have anyway.  (ok yeah, maybe some people don't care about having that information, but I do, and by golly these kids better appreciate my efforts when they are older!) :)

So here is a very high level recap of some thoughts I have on months 9-11!  Over the last few months she has grown so much more independent.  She is mobile and wants to constantly explore everything around her.  It can be hard to keep her entertained with something long enough so you can do some other task yourself, so I spend a lot of time and energy carrying her back to a spot on the floor with toys to get her to stay out of the bathroom, Reese's food,our bedroom, etc.  Sure, we can shut some doors and pick up the food, but there is always something else to pull up on and dump out.  It's humorous for sure while also being a bit exhausting.  

Something I hear a lot is how happy Finley is because she is always smiling.  Everyone thinks she is the happiest baby, and really she is, for the most part. She loves watching her brother and sister and squeals and shouts as if she is cheering them on when they are playing around.  If she can she gets in on the action by going for the ball or whatever toy is being used.  

She loves to chase after me when I use the Dyson mini vacuum and thinks it is so funny.  

She really enjoys finger foods now so meal times are messy but nice as she helps us by picking up her own food.  :)  Hard to think that just a few months ago she was still completely bottle fed.  I think those days were actually easier, but I couldn't drag my feet much more than I did as it was!  

These pictures are out of order, but you can see how big Finley has gotten and how much more she can do now!

When she learned to sit up on her own!

So excited she can use this next summer, too!

Eggs are delicious!

The face I love so much!

So many teeth!

I just love this baby girl!

Cutest beach babe!

Our littlest firecracker!  :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sweet Summertime Memories!

Oh my gosh, Summer of 2016, where did you go so fast?  I can't think of a busier summer than the one we just completed.  We did so many things and it was so much fun!  In addition to the vacations/weekend trips we had fun getting together with friends and swimming and relaxing.  It was so nice having the lazy mornings mixed in with the occasional busy day of summer activity.  The kids were able to see their great grandmother and Finley got to meet her. Emerson kept losing her teeth and has lost 8 teeth in all now, I think!  We had a fun 4th of July at the Bent Tree Country Club carnival after the neighborhood parade that morning. Everyone enjoyed swimming and friends came to swim, too.  The kids had a blast at vacation bible school at Holy Communion and it is something I think they will enjoy every year! While we were in Austin one weekend we were able to see the peacocks again, which is always so fun to do. And this summer marked 11 years of marriage with Frank, who is the kindest and most gentle man I know.  He loves us all so much and does everything he can to always be the best dad and husband.  I love this picture we took on our anniversary in Austin while we enjoyed a date night.  These are all truly wonderful memories!  

(note: these pics are not in order at all, but this is ok!)   :)

On our 11th anniversary date night

The kids with their great grandmother

This cutie is always getting in to things!

No more front tooth!  That sucker was hard to get out!

She loves her flamingo float!

Fun having friends over to swim!
Getting together with sweet school friends

The Dallas Museum of Art

Love this little boy's expressions!

Another tooth is gone!!

So much fun writing notes to the tooth fairy. 

They love the splash area at the Dallas Zoo

Swimming in Austin at MomMom's

Finley loves the water!

These cuties love summer!

Summer camp cuties!